Yaniv & R v Smith: The Potato's Pattern

Please forgive the haphazard nature of my edits, as this story has been developing as more information came to light (seems Dr Yaniv prefers to operate in a Star Chamber). I hope to get a more concerted post published before Dec 30th, but it might come down to the wire. I might not be able to post until Sunday.

And sorry for the typo earlier, for a couple days some of the content on this site was referring to Monday Dec 29th... Mea culpa.


On Wednesday Dec 11th, Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv filed an application to make a motion before the judge presiding over R. v SMITH, Donald to "provide evidence..." to "issue process on a private information". This will be heard on Monday Dec 30th, at 1400PST.

This was accepted, filed, and scheduled by the Surrey Registry, and I don't think they exactly what they were setting themselves up to enjoy.  This is going to be a real sh—show. Tea & Crumpets or Pizza & Beer?

On Friday Dec 13th, Mr Donald Francis Smith had a scheduled appearance for the alleged offences which occurred on Thursday May 2nd, 2019 at or about Vancouver, BC. As that is the only open file for Mr Smith, it stands to reason that Dr Yaniv is trying to either add a breach or two, or he is trying to slip in his highly skilled legal maneuvering and deliver a kill-shot on his adversary Mr Smith.

However, given Yaniv's demonstrated record (just some of which is on this site) of abusing the legal system for his own vexatious ends, we might see a pretty nice show 

When I called the Surrey Provincial Court and spoke with a Clerk in the Registry there, inquiring about the motion filed by Jessica Jonathan Yaniv on 2019Dec11 in the matter of Regina v Donald Francis Smith. I was informed that they simply forwarded it to the Vancouver Law Courts where R v Donald is going down on Friday.

Tard Fight! Yaniv vs Smith.

I know all the legal experts on the KiwiFarms and in the TwitterVerse are stating that this is the "opening salvo" of a Private Prosecution by Jessica Jonathan Yaniv to finally follow through on the threat to cause Donald Smith excessive emotional distress. I have been reading about the fact that Jonathan is allegedly bullying Donald Smith, ostensibly with the long-term goal of convincing Mr Smith that his life is not worth living, and making the "independent" decision (not coerced at all, no) to take his own life.

So what we have looks like (from the very little glance below) is a simple application to the judge presiding over R v Smith, (Donald Francis at 0900H on Friday, Dec 13th, 2019) and it looks like a JP will be looking at Mr Smith's file and hearing Dr Yaniv's petition to the courts @1400PST on Monday, December 30th in court #102 at Surrey Provincial Court, looks like for two counts. Presumably this would be an attempt to cram additional offences into the charges, probably procedural breaches. I don't have a copy of Donald's COR pending trial, but the ONLY matter before the courts Surrey is aware of is the alleged offences of Thursday, May 2nd. The charges Mr Smith is accused of are only two (2) as follows:

  • 1 count Criminal Harassment, as per CCC 264 (like a form of stalking)
  • 1 count Mischief as per CCC 430 (like preventing lawful enjoyment)

All of these are from the Criminal Occurrence in or about Vancouver, BC on 2019May02 and the alleged victim is a woman by the name of Lois Lane*. Donald's initial appearance is on 2019Dec13, presumably to schedule a trial date for an 810 order to prevent Mr Smith from causing Cst XXXX to fear injury or damage to his life, property, or family.

This Publication Ban is annoying, and not just because it prevents us from exploring the fact that an alleged victim of Mr SMITH is a Police Constable who may or may not have a Public Record of removal consequent to charges of domestic assault, forcible confinement, and mischief over.
Kinda odd though, the Publication Ban. Annoying as f—k, too. Censorship sucks.

Regina v Smith, Donald Francis

Now, this is where there's an interesting wrinkle. We have two parties bound by their respective COR (Conditions of Release) promises to appear which almost have the standard keep the peace and be of good behaviour condition. If either party breaches ANY of their conditions, Crown may breach the accused and have them arrested, then haul them before a judge, after which a first time offender such as Donald would generally be released under the same, or additional, terms.

Yaniv is currently bound by his original COR (by continuance) which has no conditions other than his promise to appear, (so he is also probably bound by the pernicious deal about keeping the peace and being of good behaviour). The fact that Yaniv is harassing and soliciting the death or dismemberment of Mr Donald Francis Smith, a vulnerable adult casts Jonathan, used to being the "most special" class there is as a Doctor of Philosophy in Transgender Advocacy, in a stark light.

He's a bully, and the Criminal courts in Canada really don't like it when people abuse the systems of good governance to bully vulnerable adults...

Hopefully, we'll be able to post a more fleshed out article before Friday the the 13th...

Can you catch predatory therapist Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv?