Summary courtesy of Petch the Letch, and he describes Yaniv's takedown (a calculated and self-serving extortion of a vulnerable adult in the community) that the events were more like:

  • In November Donald made veiled threats about showing up to Surrey Provincial court on December 5th.
  • In a livestream Donald called Langley RCMP and they asked him about the threats (Yaniv had talked to Langley RCMP about it). Donald admitted it. Police suggested it sounded like a potential threat, warned him not to show up.
  • December 3rd:
    Donald utters threat of physical harm when he shows up to Surrey Court December 5th to confront the Janiv. He states in the video he will hit the f*ing pedophiler(sic).
  • December 5th:
    Donald shows up at Surrey Court, is arrested.
  • December 5th:
    Donald is released with a promise to appear with conditions. The conditions prevent Donald from talking to Yaniv directly and indirectly and not knowingly be present in places that Janiv is known to be. This is the equivalent of a peace bond. Violating it can be contempt of court.
  • December 8th:
    Was an egregious (IMHO) violation when he went on a livestream for a 1 hour+ chat with a transgendered interviewer repeatedly dropping Yaniv's name.
  • December 9th:
    Donald goes on video and admits he is violating his conditions of release by discussing Yaniv but he doesn't care because he is a journalist covering a story.
  • December 11th:
    Yaniv starts making court filings.

Donald willfully and knowingly breached his conditions and he knows it. And has been doing it ever since. Donald knew he was breaching, he didn't care. It is not Yaniv's fault that Donald was taking things to a new level of stupid. If Yaniv provided the video where he admitted the breaches, what is the crown/court suppose to do if Yaniv documents it all?

Donald set himself up and he's paying the price. It also appears that he potentially breached another court order so I guess it is possible that could get him in more hot water if the Crown ever became aware of that.

Please note that this editor finds these lecherous views espoused by Petch the Letch to be emphatically pro-predatory potato, and decidedly.. one-sided.. It's a good summary, albeit through a certain lense. I find it annoying that his tweets don't have substantiation.