This is a VERY dumb and VERY angry guy...

For contiguity, this is what @LangleyRCMP thinks about protecting anonymous informants residing near @TrustedNerd.

The @TrustedNerd left us a voicemail on Friday (March 27th, 2020) night... Something about "you're gonna pay the price," and then a further clarification that the price is "gonna be pretty fucking ugly.. expect a bloodbath."

We took the weekend off, and so didn't check our voicemail until Monday (March 30th, 2020) afternoon, but immediately upon hearing this thinly veiled threat, we set about trying to inform our sources and affiliates (mostly all Anonymous, but Yaniv has shown a tendency to go after his targets like a bloodhound) in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our fear was that Yaniv may follow through on what appears to have been a threat to cause this writer to exsanguinate, or bleed out from injury by an edged weapon.

Given that I'm in Toronto and Yaniv is in Langley, I made the logical deduction that he may choose a surrogate to be recipient of his threatened acts. You'll also note that Yaniv utters the statement that "You're gonna fuckin' pay the price.. that's gonna be pretty fucking ugly.. expect a bloodbath..."



Our best attempt transcript is enclosed as follows:

  1. You're a little fuckin' piece of shit, I just wanna tell you that.
  2. And.. you know something? You're gonna fuckin' pay the price,
  3. I can guarantee you, that you're gonna fuckin' pay the price.
  4. That's gonna be pretty fucking ugly. Instead of..
  5. expect a bloodbath, you piece of shit.

And as you can see, the TrustedNerd Dr Yaniv skates around trying to couch his threat as a threat of civil litigation, thereby qualifying his utterance as an exception to the Criminal Code's definition of a threat. I believe there is a caveat buried somewhere in the Code that reads something like:

"A threat of civil legal action does not constitute a threat,
for the purposes of this Act."

Or something like that...

Except when he gets to #4, stumbles, and utters a definite and explicit threat to cause death or bodily harm to myself (an unknown to him, party) or a reasonable surrogate (hence any source-like individuals in Langley, BC), someone like a Chad or a Stacy.

Chad and Stacy are, in Yaniv's mindset, his arch-nemeses. To Yaniv, anyone who does not agree with his "worldview" are a reasonable surrogate for myself.
So... that creates a rather large pool of potential victims.

Thereby, in our presentation, Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv uttered, on 2020-03-27 at 2129PDT from the telephone number +1 778-656-0454 a threat to exsanguinate members or affiliates of our organization, or given that most of our members maintain a degree of anonymity, any reasonable surrogate(s) in the vicinity of Jessica Jonathan Yaniv.



Concerned for the health and welfare of our sources, I first took to Twitter in order to circulate the full and complete statement made by Dr Yaniv. Once I had received a reasonable assurance that our sources would be on guard for any acts of the Frustrated, Angry, and mentally unwell individual Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, I reached out the Langley RCMP in the attempt to alert them to the action so threatened by Yaniv.

And, I'll rip those calls over the weekend and finish up this article.. sorry if I left you hanging, but I need to consider our next steps carefully, lest our posts cause JJ Yaniv to lash out at any plausible surrogates for myself.  

I've enclose some relevant tweets which I'll add to and work with to properly develop this PSA. This announcement is brought to you by, a member of the Predators Exposure News Intelligence Service group of websites.

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To be continued,
You inglorious bastards. Into the breach!