Yaniv Committing a Series of Criminal Acts » aka Serial Offender

I used the generic #PersonOfInterest display, but we all know @TrustedNerd is a #HostileActor. So, I fixed it to reflect he's doing bad, bad, bad things and is a threat to society.
The pic is of him swinging a cane in commission of an Assault, with a red targeting box to indicate that we're focusing in on this very mad, very fat, very dangerous, person of interest.

People have been tweeting that Yaniv may have ready access to edged weapons.. I know he's a marshmallow/potato, but knives don't care how fat or stupid the person wielding them is. Watch your backs guys, we should watch this predator so we'll know when he has a blade on him.


Anonymous (not verified), Mon, 08/17/2020 - 14:47
Johnathan Yani is a ugly, fat nonce