The single most damaging release relating to Jonathan...

Second Hand Syringe re Telemed

Just saw a post by Second Hand Syringe speaking to the effect our dump had on the scales of general opinion about Yaniv:

  • "The disclosure of those telemed documents (Stpe 1) has got to be the single most damaging release relating to Jonathan. I bet it pissed him off something fierce (Step 2) when those went public." —Second Hand Syringe

That, coupled with Jonathan's drunken threat here means that this operation is officially worth making a phone call —even if you understand Jonathan's predilection for operating under a shroud of secrecy. You would do well to take note, C4605 as sometimes it's better to just pick up the phone and ask questions, whether it be the Registry, Crown Counsel, or AHBL.

Who cares what people think? What one person calls a "dark-op" or a "gay-op" is just another day of due diligence for another. So yeah, you're welcome, guys. ;)

This video is about Certificate of Readiness substantiating the claim of Vexatious Litigant Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD where the Good Doctor is trying to sue Szucs et al for the alleged breakage failure of a Physiotherapy Treatment Table produced by Kor Innovtions, and provided by Kor Innovations.