To reveal a predator...

I apologize for the recent downtime, the server was having a fit and sulking, but I was too busy with our other projects to even notice the domain's problems. This site has become too great of a drain on resources (my time and money, and the server resources) so I'm going to wind this bitch down by the end of the month.

Jonathan is no longer a significant threat to the vulnerable, as our favourite Kiwi in The Hawthorne knows EXACTLY who JY is, and how to deal with him. Yaniv is a piece of shit, and we have much more important things to devote our resources.

This project was mostly for the lulz.  If you want to follow our current operations, you can check them at the Covfefe Bakery + Cafe. Never forget, you dirty rotten scoundrels. Some people are worth making a couple phone calls and doing a bit of research. Measure twice, cut once. he "chose" to remove his phallic member. ;)

Peace, motherfuckers;
let it rain.