Copyright Notice

An operation brought to you by Covfefe Operations + Intelligence, "PedoFiles North" is 1-part parody, 3-parts satire, 2-parts interpretation, and full-on straight-up reporting of facts with a distinct commentary shaped with the distinctive and purposeful shaping, to absolutely inform and engage stake-holders to the rapaciously growing Police State in Canada, and its gross perversion by certain actors. That's the basic reasoning behind the branding, so if you don't like our "DarkOps" you can just fuck off and return to your celebrity gossip pages, or other marxist-lauding news source. Don't like how the sausage is made, turn vegan and whither away. Fuck you if you are unwilling to deal with the shit rampant in our "civil" society.

This is an all-too-real parody using humour and impropriety to document and report upon the real-life actions of the pedofiles & police state in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Canada as a whole. This is protected by Charter Section 2, and ALL sorts of Fair Dealing/Usage exceptions to the Copyright Act. Shall we play a game? I dare you to try, because I doubt you can SLAPP this, and we'll likely have to go civil on you and your shifty brethren. Be reasonable.

Most (if not all) content copyrighted works are used by virtue of the Fair Dealings provisions of the Canada Copyright Modernization Act (2012) and subsequent amendments. As such, if you've got concerns and wish to prevent us from educating the public about the rampant Predators in Canada, you are welcome to contact us or serve us a really poorly constructed Notice of Action. After this, we will destroy your arguments, or lack thereof. Capisce? You're welcome to try, even as our expression protected by Section 2; but if you do, please remember that the door you just opened to countersuit remains unlocked. Tread very carefully, and make sure you're stocked up on vaseline.

If you want to re-publish our intel, go right ahead... with or without attribution, just don't alter or disfigure its meaning. If you have further inquiries, please send an email to us at and we'll try to set you on the right path.
Or we'll just tell you to fuck off and file your poor excuse of an action.. or if you get us on a bad day, we'll go zero-sum on you and your ilk. Enjoy the show.