Vexatious Litigant Therapist Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv

Studying actions of the Vexatious Predator Potato
This is a quick map of the legal field we've ascertained, and confirmed.
It's a shorter more visual representation of this.

  • BC Human Rights Tribunal:
    • 17587

    • 17589

  • BC Provincial Court, Small Claims Court
    • SUR-P-C-85518
      Opened 2019Sep04 as YANIV, Jessica v H MORRIS & N SZUCS PHYSIOTHERAPIST CORP


    • SUR-P-C-84551
      Opened 14Dec2018 as YANIV, Miriam v THE OWNERS, STRATA BCS 1359

    • SUR-P-C-84549
      Opened 14Dec2019 as YANIV, Jessica v THE OWNERS, STRATA BCS 1359

  • BC Law Courts (Small Claims or Supreme Civil)
    • NEW-P-C-16938
      Opened 10Nov2016 as JY KNOWS IT BUSINESS CONSULTING v BARRON, Andrew

    • NEW-P-C-16878
      Provincial (Small Claims) opened 26Aug2016 as Unknown and last Updated 14Aug2017, so perhaps a court-ordered settlement by Andrew Barron? This needs confirmation from Mr Barron.

    • ROB-P-C-1655878
      Provincial (Small Claims) opened 08Jun2016 as YANIV, Jonathan v MURANETZ, Phoenix

    • VLC-S-S-1611566
      Supreme (Civil) opened 14Dec2016 as YANIV, Jonathan

    • VLC-S-S-190456 Enforcement Order re Cousineau
      Opened 08Nov2019 as (Victims v Yaniv)

    • VLC-S-S-1914076
      Opened 12Dec2018 as SMITH, Donald v YANIV, Jessica

    • VLC-S-S-1914124
      Opened 13Dec2019 as YANIV, Jessica v SMITH, Donald
         — Joined to 1914076 as Response on 16Dec2019

  • BC Provincial Court, Criminal