Retirement of Domains

I'm winding the sites down to the bare minimum. I'll maintain BustedPerv for the foreseeable future to notify the public about any immediate concerns about Yaniv, but it looks like he'll self-immolate on schedule.
So please update your bookmarks, as they'll start winking out as I allow their registration to lapse as follows:

  • and has lapsed and will not be renewed.
  • and will lapse around Christmas, and will not be renewed.
  • and will lapse in January and February of next year and will not be renewed. Note that will remain indefinitely.

If you have feedback, please use the feedback page here:

Peace out, you bastards...


He can't be much of a threat now that he's technically of the eunuch caste...

Finally, there are eunuchs, especially in India who are better characterized as transgender and have undergone transitioning away from being a man, but have not been able to access replacement hormone therapy to transition to become a woman. They are known as the “third sex” and can generally only make their living as entertainers, without being accepted into mainstream society.

Damn this is funny.. a sad, but fitting consequence to a motherfuckin' pedophile. Reports are that he summoned the firefighters to when he was "stuck in the bathtub" and proudly displayed his tight smooth gash. Additional reports have been received that Dr Yaniv had been playing with his penis-cum-clitoridis with such fervour that its proper metamorphosis was interrupted and it fell off. Meaning that he's a literal eunuch.