Dr Yaniv vs Therapist Corporation


On June 26, 2019 I had an appointment booked for physiotherapy at Surrey Hwy 10 Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic located at 15240 56 Ave #106 in Surrey, BC. I came in with my mobility scooter and was told to go to the first bed when you enter the treatment area. I was told by the physiotherapist to sit and lie down on the bed. I was then told to scootch back. When I began to do this, the bad cracked and broke in two. My lower back was still on the bed with my head and upper back facing towards the floor. I believe I received a seizure during this time as I do not remember what happened after the bed broke. However, I was in significant pain and all the physiotherapist said was "oops the bed is broken lets go to the other bed." I did then proceed with the booked physiotherapy treatment (For balance) on the other bed, however, I did not feel well nor comfortable during this physiotherapy appointment.

To this day, I experience significant pain in my hip and lower back and the pain has not subsided. I have spoken with Howard, the owner of this clinic to which he admitted that this incident did in fact occur to how I describe it, and also admitted that this is negligence of the physiotherapist not checking the equipment before a patient uses it. Due to the negligence on Surrey Hwy 10 Physiotherapy & Massage Clinic and this physiotherapist, I am enduring extreme pain to which treatment is required. Due to the fact that there doesn't seem to be a near-future resolution in sight is also reason for the substantial damages claimed due to negligence. They simply neglected to exercise reasonable care for my health and safety.